Saturday though Saturday

Day 1-2

Your first 2 days of training will focus on Safety and Glider Control. You’ll learn proper canopy handling and kiting skills and techniques that will apply throughout your years of flying.  You’ll also learn about site analysis and engine-out planning, and you’ll understand the basic operation of your motor and propeller, and other accessories like your helmet, reserve, and flotation.

Day 3-4

After Mastering Glider Control we’ll simulate your first flight and prep you for Tow-Ups where you’ll get airborne just enough to glide to your landing… 5-10 times!  And with our payout eWinch housing 5500 ft. of line we might even work in a high altitude tow or two. Next, you’ll go on an Instructional Tandem Flight where you’ll take the controls and learn to turn and dampen oscillations while your instructor is within arms reach. Then you’ll be fully prepared to make your 1st and 2nd Solo Flights and obtain your PPG1 Rating.

Day 5-6

On day 5-6 we’ll have tons of fun while polishing your skills and knowledge.  You’ll work towards completing the minimum logged flight experience by the USPPA for a PPG2 Pilot Rating and you’ll gain a deeper understanding on how to finesse your new flight skills in the process. You’ll also learn about FAR103 regulations and airspace, and we’ll cap it all off with a nice group cross country flight.

Bad Weather / Remedial Training Days

It is rare to have 8 consecutive trainable days.  Usually rain and / or wind speeds can halt field training.  So our school is 8 days with 2 of the days built in just in case weather or wind speed hinders training.  While training may only actually take 5-6 field days, class is scheduled for 8 days depending on weather and individual pilot progression.  If for whatever reason, we are unable to complete training in 8 days, 4 remedial days are available for additional training either locally if schedules allow, or at the next scheduled class.  It is very rare to not complete training in one 8 day setting.

Training Location

In order to train in only 8 days or less we must be able to take advantage of all day instruction. This is possible on the Texas Coast where the wind is laminar, predictable, and perfect for beginners and 8-12 hour training days. And with plenty of lodging, food, and resources just minutes away from the training site there are not many spots better than Mustang Island, just outside Corpus Christi, Texas.  

Time for Vacation!

Ready to go to the beach?  This isn’t training… think of it like vacation while you learn to fly.  Call Now to reserve your spot in the next class.

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