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Your Flight is Our Passion

We want you to know recreational flight does not have to be a dream anymore, it can be reality.  It’s affordable, safe, and you can ABSOLUTELY do it.  And we would LOVE to be a part of that journey.  “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”-Leonardo da Vinci.

Our Story

Our story is everyone’s story.  It all started with a child-like imagination and belief that anything was possible.  And with that the natural desire to soar the sky, adventure, and explore the world around us.  For many of us, the dream slipped away with adulthood only to be forgotten.  But not anymore.  Today, the dream can be reality… is reality, just waiting to be claimed by those that would claim it.  Today is your day, seize the moment, claim it and join us in the sky.

 – Jesse Brockwell, Owner

Meet Jesse

Jesse Brockwell is a husband, father, entrepreneur, and the Owner of Texas PPG with a passion for flight.   From his first flight until today he is either in the air or helping someone to join him in the air at every opportunity.  Jesse has placed the highest emphasis on safety and skill mastery during flight school at Texas PPG.  With Texas PPG, in 7-9 days you will become a safe, knowledgeable, competent, and capable pilot, ready to explore the world from the sky.  Read more about Jesse and Texas PPG below.

Vittorazi Certified

Level 1 & 2 Master Class

Having attended Vittorazi’s Level 1 and Level 2 Maintenance Master Class, Jesse with Texas PPG is knowledgeable and well equipped to help keep your Moster 185 Plus, the best selling motor in the paramotor market, well tuned and running perfectly for hundreds of hours.


USPPA Foot Launch and Wheel Launch

Understanding the importance of thorough training, Jesse did not hesitate to obtain USPPA Instructor Certification.  Our Flight School focuses heavily on the complete coverage of everything listed in the USPPA Syllabus.


USPPA Tandem Foot Launch

Jesse also recognized that in every other form of aviation, a student pilot makes his first flights with an experienced instructor, except in PPG.  To Jesse, this doesn’t make any sense.  So he’s included Tandem Flight Training in Texas PPG’s Flight School.

Still want to know more

You can call anytime and speak to us directly.  We’re always happy to answer the phone.  Or if you prefer you can reach us by text, facebook messenger, and / or email 24/7.  Don’t wait, get in touch today and step into the sky.

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