ozone Wings


It started as a group of pilots with an idea. Build wings that just do everything better: handle better, turn tighter, glide faster, and are more comfortable to fly. Balance all those together, and never compromise. The result is something most pilots can only dream of: the most potent fun factor in paragliding. True performance is an overall quality – a balance of ideals. A glider with the highest glide ratio on paper is worthless in active air if it has a fragile leading edge, if it is unstable on speed bar, or if it doesn’t turn tight when you need it to. Get a feel for the glider’s True Performance, and don’t be fooled by advertised statistics. You are the pilot: trust your feelings. Fly Ozone.

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Scout Paramotors

Geometry is key when it comes to precision and control with Powered Paragliding and Scout Paramotors has designed the perfect PPG Aircraft. The airfoil-shaped profiles on the carbon frame are used to compensate torque in flight.  The propeller is perfectly positioned to allow for maximum thrust and minimal gyroscopic effect. Hybrid Arms allow for the most free flight feel available. And Safe Start, helping prevent the unexpected full throttle, are just a few of the reasons Scout is recognized as an industry leader in safety and innovation.

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Parajet Paramotors

And while geometry may be key, Parajet understands it’s only one of the many keys to making a light weight, functional, and robust Paramotor. Consider the Maverick, masterfully engineered offering feather light titanium strength with uncompromising quality and performance. Or the Zenith, world’s first fully CNC-machined Paramotor with enhanced chassis geometry and in-flight maneuverability. Or how about the new Volution 3, the most refined Paramotor ever. The Volution 3 is the culmination of all Parajet experience gained through pioneering design, engineering innovation and Paramotoring expertise combined.

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USPPA Certified Instruction and Tow-ups

Certified by the United States Powered Paragliding Association (USPPA) for Foot Launch and Tandem Training, and CloudStreet Towing Winch equipped, Texas Powered Paragliding is ready to help students earn their PPG1, 2, and 3 ratings as safely and thoroughly as can be found throughout Paramotor Schools today.  brownppgtraining

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