free training package!

No joke… Simply buy your gear from us and train on your gear, and training is free.  It’s that simple.  We do offer rental and insurance to train on our gear if preferred, but the cost of training is still free when you buy from us.  Here’s how it works; Buy any Scout or Parajet Paramotor, Ozone Glider, Kiting Harness, Helmet, Reserve, Flotation, Hook Knife, Tachometer, and Temperature Sensor from us and we are ready to begin local training. Local training is available to anyone in Texas as our school is fully mobile. Once your glider arrives, we’ll schedule to meet 2-3 days, sign documents, watch Risk and Reward, go over the USPPA PPG1 and PPG2 Syllabus, and learn the basics about glider control and ground handling.  Then once you’ve logged at least 8 hours of kiting on your own, we’ll schedule to meet up again for coastal training where we’ll go through simulations, tow-ups, and complete the 25 minimum solo-flights required for your PPG2 rating, clearing you for unsupervised flight and completing your training.  


Mobile training

As mentioned, we are fully mobile! That means if you can’t come to us, as long as you’re in Texas, we’ll bring the school to you. Can you beat fully mobile, certified, free training…. one thing is for sure, you’ll be hard-pressed. There is a $0.55/mile round trip mileage fee from Austin, Texas, but it’s easily paid for with the money saved from Free Training.





It’s not required but it can’t be denied, coastal training is the best and most forgiving environment for new pilots to make first flights. Which is why we transition the second half of training to the coast where you’ll log 25 flights in just 2-3 days.  Not only is a new pilot far less likely to injure themselves with coastal training, but they are also much less likely to accidentally damage gear as well.  Simply put, coastal training is a Win-Win for everyone including your gear, wallet, and most importantly, your personal safety.


Bad Weather Days

Please be aware that due to the unpredictable nature of weather, schedules are subject to change.  Being so, we are incredibly flexible with the training schedule and we ask students to take this into consideration as well.

coastal Training Location

Our primary coastal training location is in Galveston, Texas, specifically West Beach.  You can camp out on the beach, get a nearby hotel room, or bring an RV like us and stay just across the bridge, minutes away from West Beach.  And if you want to make a family or friend trip out of it, aside from training, there’s plenty to do in Galveston.



Time for Vacation!

Ready to go to the beach?  This isn’t training… think of it like vacation while you learn to fly.  Call Now to reserve your spot in the next class.

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